X3D Use Cases

X3D is your hub for rendering 3D data. A higher-level language to compose several 3D assets into a meaningful 3D Web applications for publishing 3D with interactivity.

Check our Web3D X3D use cases from 3D Printing, Medical, CAD, Goespatial and AR/VR domains.

The NIH Print Exchange displays and distributes by download X3D models of biomedical importance, including molecular models, heart models, and 3D printable lab equipment and accessories.

The SeaLevelRise website uses X3D to illustrate the effects of climate change and rising sea levels on coastal regions, such as the New York City metropolitan area.

Elphel Inc., a high-tech maker of photogrammetry cameras, uses X3D and the X3DOM viewer on its site to display assembly models of their cameras and to show the 3D scenes that their cameras can generate of outdoor panoramas.

A series of pages by KShell Analysis illustrate interactive capabilities applied to CAD visualizations, including animated exploded view and annotations, combining 2D drawings and 3D models, and interactive assembly and disassembly.

The Santa Chiara Demo page offers an interactive 3D tour of the inside of a Renaissance chapel.

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