Integrating X3D and glTF

By Nicholas Polys, Ph.D. Abstract There is great excitement around the development of new features and formats, from glTF 2.0 to X3D 4.0. This blog provides a high-level view of the leading open formats and how and why they should be used together. See glTF + X3D integration on WebGL examples: ​X3DOM demo set – shows numerous […]

X3D Use Cases

X3D is your hub for rendering 3D data. A higher-level language to compose several 3D assets into a meaningful 3D Web applications for publishing 3D with interactivity. Check our Web3D X3D use cases from 3D Printing, Medical, CAD, Goespatial and AR/VR domains. The NIH Print Exchange displays and distributes by download X3D models of biomedical importance, including […]