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Next-generation VRML

Introducing an advanced technology for creating immersive 3D content on the web – an ISO-certified 3D file format and run-time architecture that is both open source and royalty free.

This technology can be utilized on many platforms, including web browsers that support WebGL without the need for any additional plugins, and offers a wide range of applications.

Developed and maintained by the Web3D Consortium, this technology boasts two widely used open source JavaScript implementations  – X3DOM and X_ITE, which provide developers with powerful tools to create and render interactive 3D graphics in multiple applications.

It serves as a solution for the storage, retrieval, and playback of real-time 3D, and is continuously evolving to meet the demands of modern web-based 3D applications.

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Integrate 3D content seamlessly into your Web page. No Plugins needed. 

X3D ISO specification has two widely used open source implementation X3DOM and X_ITE

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Seamless 3D Integration


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