About X3D

The next-generation VRML 

Open Source and Free, ISO-certified 3D file format and run-time architecture for the Web. Available for wide range of applications

Runs on many platforms and in web browsers supporting WebGL without any plugins

A platform for storage, retrieval and playback of real time 3D in multiple applications

More mature and refined next generation VRML  

Two widely used open source JavaScript implementations: X3DOM and X_ITE

Developed and maintained by the Web3D Consortium



The Web3D Consortium develops and maintains ISO X3D Standards. Web3D Consortium is an international, member-funded, industry consortium committed to the deployment of open, royalty-free standards.

X3D is a scene-graph description language that integrates network-enabled 3D graphics and multimedia.  X3D design supports 3D models as Web pages and includes similarities to HTML pages. X3D is Web ready and supports wide range of applications. X3D runs on all platforms including laptops, tablets, phones, immersive headsets, and large-scale CAVES.

The Consortium works closely with the ISO, OGC, HL7, KHRONOS and W3C standardization bodies for interoperability and convergence. Visit us at Web3D.org

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